This fun to use and easy to apply and peel off iSwaag Blackboard Decal is perfect for kids rooms; give your kids a place they can draw on the walls and watch their creative genius unfold without the worry of a mess. The iSwaag Blackboard also has great uses for the whole family; use it in your home to help label jars or canisters in the kitchen, to make a wall calendar to keep track of all your family's activities, to label what's really in all those boxes and crates in the garage and attic; for your grocery lists and more! Perfect for offices environments too, buy a few and create an entire wall of ideas and watch the brainstorming sessions unfold. Great for dorm rooms and bedrooms too- put one on your door and ask people to "Write on your wall".

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Can be taken off and reapplied* – No mistakes! No residue! No marks left on surface!


  • For kids play area
  • Labeling spice jars
  • Labeling food canisters
  • Labeling boxes
  • Use as art or decoration at home
  • Office brain storming board
  • Use as a to do list
  • Make in to a Calendar
  • Use in your business as a sale or specials board
  • Use at school or day care facility
  • Great for gifts for people of all ages!
  • Plus many more uses – anything you can create and think of!


  • Easily cuts to the shape and size you want
  • Backing has dotted lines to help keep cuts straight
  • Comes with 6 pieces of chalk in white and color
  • No mistakes! No residue! No marks left on surface!


  • Unroll blackboard
  • Keep flattened with heavy objects on edges for 24 hours so roll is totally flat
  • Slowly peel back from blackboard decal and smooth as you apply
  • Move and adjust as needed
  • Write, Draw & Enjoy!